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Siren customer hair color photo.
Siren customer hair color photo.

Hair Color

Looking for gorgeous, vibrant hair color?


Root Touch-up................................. $100
Root Touch-up and Ends................. $140
Double-process (Scalp to Ends)...... $185
Double-process Touch-up................ $150
Full Highlights + Toner/Gloss........... $240
Partial Highlights + Toner/Gloss....... $170
Toner & Blow Dry............................... $80
Men's 5-Minute Grey Blend............... $40

Declare your uniqueness at Siren Salon in Chicago!

Tired of of dull, lifeless hair? Want to add some brilliance to your locks? Siren Salon in Lakeview is the perfect solution! Our stylists are trained in the latest hair color techniques and use only the highest quality products to give you the perfect color that boosts your style and personality. Say goodbye to DIY hair coloring disasters and trust the professionals at Siren to give you the enticing hair of your dreams.

Single-Process Color

Whether you want to cover up those pesky grays or just want to switch up your hair color, our single-process color service is perfect for you. Our stylists will consult with you to determine the best shade for your skin tone and desired look. We use top-of-the-line hair color products that are gentle on your hair and provide long-lasting results. You can trust us to give you a flawless and natural-looking color that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Double-Process Color

For those looking for a more dramatic change, our double-process color service is the way to go. This technique involves lightening the hair first and then applying a toner to achieve the desired shade. Your stylist will ensure you get the perfect color that will make heads turn. We also offer a variety of fashion colors for those who want to make a bolder statement with their hair - and their attitude!

Full Balayage

Balayage has become one of the most popular hair color techniques in recent years, and for good reason. This freehand painting technique creates a natural and sun-kissed look, making it perfect for those who want a low-maintenance color. Our stylists will customize the placement of the color to enhance your features and give you a beautiful new look.

Partial Balayage

If you're not ready to commit to a full balayage, our partial balayage service is a great option. This technique focuses on adding highlights to specific sections of your hair, giving you a subtle and natural-looking color. Our stylists will work with you to determine the best placement for your highlights, taking into consideration your hair type and desired image.

Brow Tint

Don't forget about your eyebrows when it comes to hair color! Our brow tint service is perfect for those who want to enhance their natural brow color or cover up any grays. Our stylists will carefully select the perfect shade to complement your hair color and give you a defined and polished look.

Men's Grey Blend

Who says hair color is only for women? Our men's grey blend service is specifically designed for men who want to cover up their grays and achieve a more youthful look. Our stylists will use a blend of colors to create a natural and subtle result that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Bold, personalized hair color. We're all about YOU.

At Siren Salon in Lake View, we know your hair is a reflection of your personality and style. That's why we offer a variety of professional hair color services to help you achieve the perfect look. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to beautiful, vibrant locks. Book your appointment and let us spice up your life!