Color & Highlights

What is your perfect hair color? The right shade can brighten your skin and emphasize your eyes, and even give you a more youthful look! The wrong color can wash you out and even add years to your appearance. Our beauty specialists excel in providing the ultimate color experience with subtle change or a dramatic transformation.

Single Process76-80+82-86+
Color Gloss66-70+72-76+
Men's Gray Blending25+25+
Double Process113-119+122-125+
Color CorrectionUpon ConsultationUpon Consultation
Partial Foils107-117+122-132+
Full Balayage142-152+157-167+
A coloring technique designed to create a graduated, natural looking effect.
A coloring technique that begins with the roots a darker color and gradually lightens as it goes down the hair ends.

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